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Pets and their people are our passion.
"Capturing the memories of those you love"

We also do individual, family, group, and business portraits, etc. We are NOT limited to pet portraits!  

Plus, we can edit your own digital images for size and content, fix "red" eye and "glowing" eyes, transfer from your memory cards onto CD's, order prints and enlargements for you online, and more.

All photographs on this PET SHOTZ website by Kathy McBride. All rights reserved.

COMING SOON: A WHOLE NEW WAY OF DOING BUSINESS WITH US - EASIER, QUICKER, AND VERY ECONOMICAL! CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR FULL DETAILS. . . our website will be updated along with our new information. We think you're gonna love it!

We will be restructuring our packages but maintaining our LOW prices - plus you will be able to order all our prints [and yours] right online! Just click the link below to see what's available to purchase right now. Soon all our customers will purchase their prints directly through this link but don't worry about privacy - each customer will receive a password to access their own photos so your pictures will always be private and secure. 
We are in our transition period right now so please check back often. 
Thank you!


When you click the following link you will be redirected to PET SHOTZ' welcome page on You will then be asked to logon as a guest with your own email address (no sign up necessary - just enter your valid email address; your privacy assured and no spam!) then use for your search. Thank you.



This site  The Web 

Welcome to PET SHOTZ . . . .

We are a unique animal photography service, providing animal and pet lovers in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee the opportunity to have their pets professionally photographed in the comfort of their own homes.

That's right, we will come to YOU!

Avoid the headaches of bringing your animals and pets to a studio in town. No fighting to get them into carriers, no fearful, yowling or barking animals or stressed-out owners, and no gasoline required: just make an appointment with PET SHOTZ and we will come do the photo shoot at your home hassel-free!  

Not only that, we will be respectful of your home, taking care to "leave it as we found it." We will pack up all our equipment after your session is complete and help you move any furniture items moved to make room, if needed. We'll even wear "covers" over our shoes to protect your floors and carpet from dirt!  

Our setup will provide 35mm digital photography with your choice of several beautiful photographic backgrounds. However, we will gladly take shots of your lucky pet using the entire selection of backgrounds if you'd like, and at no extra charge!  

*35mm print film photography also is available for those who don't own computers or if you just prefer prints to digital. However, there is additional charge for print film, dependent upon customer requirements.

Outdoor setup will be permitted under certain operating conditions, including favorable weather conditions, access to electricity, etc. We will, however, take photographs of your horses, mini horses, mules, livestock, etc., in their natural outdoor setting. However, inclement weather may cause delay or postponement of the photo shoot.  

Numerous pictures of your animals/pets will be taken in various poses. You and your family members are welcome to join in the fun as space permits. Usually at least one or two people - or more - with their pets can fit comfortably within the background boundaries. 

We are also pleased to offer our services to you and your family as individual and/or group photos, with or without pets.

If you have "props" you would like to incorporate into your pictures, your photographer will work with you to accommodate them if possible.

You are encouraged to help your pet(s) "pose" but only at the discretion of the photographer. Please remember that your photographer knows best how to get "the most bang for your buck" so please help your photographer help you

Space will be required in your home to set up light stands, a background stand, and a camera tripod in order to achieve full professional results. A small folding table also will be used for smaller animals. Also a stool, electrical cords, power strips, photographic umbrellas, floodlights and hoods, etc., are part of the standard setup. Please keep this in mind for your own safety as well as the safety of your family, friends, and pets. Please stay clear of these items and be aware that lights and housings can get very hot so please do NOT touch them.

Please note that the photographer will REQUIRE a nearby electrical outlet that has a "grounded" three-pronged plug. It MUST accept an electrical cord that has three prongs

After the photo shoot, your photographer will upload the digital pictures into a laptop computer [provided] where the images will be edited and cropped as required or requested, then they will be downloaded onto a CD for you to enjoy and share with family and friends. Additionally, one 8"x10" print of your choice will be edited and/or cropped as needed to obtain best results then immediately printed out [printer provided] on high quality photographic paper. This bonus print is included at no extra charge.

*Note that customers who opt for our 35mm PRINT FILM package will NOT receive the free 8" x 10" color print since the film must be professionally developed. Your photos will be mailed to you without negatives [unless you bought all rights to the pictures from your photo shoot]. But you can take those prints to any photo processor to get the sizes and quantities you want for nominal cost. However, if you choose the 35mm print film package you will have the option to choose one additional background change, at no extra cost. 

There is also an addtional $10 charge for the print film package due to the cost of professional film, professional processing, and postage costs to mail your pictures to you.  

For additional information, please click on the The Day of the Photo Shoot, Terms and Important Information, Pricing and Payment, and Copyright and Contract tabs on the navigation bar at left.  

Also, please browse our Portfolio and Testimonials pages.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. Please call today to find out how you can get the best photographs of your "best friend" at the best price.

And all from the comfort and convenience of YOUR own home!



We take enormous pride in our service and creativity and hope that you'll find the end results pleasing. We want to make your pet a true "stand out" and we'll work for you and with you to get just the right shot.

We'll also photograph your farm animals and livestock!!

We look forward to doing business with you.

Here's what's included in the standard PET SHOTZ package:

  • Your choice of any or all of several beautiful backgrounds
  • A large number of 35mm digital photographs made of your animal or pet
  • On site uploading, editing, and downloading to CD of all your pictures
  • A *FREE 8" x 10" color print of the photo of your choice, printed on site
  • All done on site right at YOUR home

* Free 8" x 10" color print offer NOT available with the 35mm print film package

All rights reserved. All images on the PET SHOTZ website are copyrighted by Kathy S. McBride and may not be copied, duplicated, emailed, or otherwise transmitted via electronic device or printed or reprinted for the purpose of profit, resale, contest entry, etc., under penalty of law except by the express written permission of Kathy S. McBride.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we deem as a threat or danger to the photographer and/or assistants, our equipment, etc. Should our photographer arrive at your home and find you, your family, or friends obviously under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances, including prescription drugs, or we feel "uneasy" for any reason, we will leave and send you a bill for the full amount due. Therefore, please be prepared to uphold your part of the contract and show us the same courtesy we extend to you. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. We appreciate it!

We are proud members of the following organizations:



Special thanks to the Christian County Humane Society for the use of a few of their cats and dogs as "models" on this website. Their animals featured here, and many more, are available for adoption. Call 270-348-4846 to schedule an appointment to meet your new best friend! Also, volunteers are welcome and donations are greatly needed! Please send your contributions to the Christian County Humane Society; P. O. Box 1233; Hopkinsville, KY  42241. Thank you so much for any help.

Rocky and Miss Inky belong to
owner Kathy McBride. Rocky is the "official face and logo" of PET SHOTZ.  He is a purebred CFA Himalayan, and he is the apple of his "mommie's" eye. And, yes, he is as sweet as he appears in all his pictures. (By the way, Rocky is not up for adoption or for sale at any price!) 

Also owned by Kathy McBride, Miss Inky, a purebred AKC Lhasa Apso, was fourteen years old when she was euthanized for kidney failure in 2001.  Her loss is still deeply felt even after all these years.

Sadly, Princess was a  Christian County Humane Society Pitt Bull mix senselessly killed. Sweet Princess, who was so gentle and loved everyone, was abandoned by her owners but was rescued by PET SHOTZ owner, Kathy McBride. 

Princess was being kept on a farm of some friends but was killed while they were out of town. We are still investigating. The parties we suspect will not admit their involvement and her body has not been found.


In Memory (1987 - 2001)

In Memory ( ? - 2009)

Actual Pet SHOTZ Photo

Actual PET SHOTZ Photograph

Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

ALLY - Christian County Humane Society Cat
Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

LOLA - Christian County Humane Society Cat
Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

Diamond and Nicholas ("Nick")
Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

Actual PET SHOTZ Photo

Animal Photography
Kathy McBride, Photographer


Mailing address::
Kathy S. McBride
P.O. Box 847
Hopkinsville, KY 42241-0847